dimanche 11 décembre 2011

Being A Girl.

Being a girl is where it's at.
I'm proud, sometimes loud, and I know how to have fun.
I am who I am .

I may be small, but my dreams are BIG!
Helping people, being strong,
and always staying true to myself.
My future lies in my own two hands, not in a crystal ball.

Being a girl is awesome.
Girlfriends share bubble gum,
bear hugs, and lots of super-secrets.
My friends are like my clothes . . .
I can't have enough of them!

Being a girl is about letting loose and trying new things.
Wearing make-up, getting dressed up,
hair back, down, or up . . .
I am as unique on the outside, as I am on the inside.

Being a girl is really cool.
Open hearts, latest shoes . . .
I'm always going someplace special
with something important to do.

I am a girl in my heart, and I will be,

" Allah tahu tentang dirimu lebih daripada engkau sendiri. Maka Allah telah menetapkan untukmu lebih baik daripada apa yang engkau kehendaki..."

Design and idea created by Norfayzane the owner of the ilhamhatifayzanerosesz.blogspot.com